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The textile art journey of mend began with a greeting card I created in 2010. With no formal training and a simple love of natural textures and earthy colors, I have spent years learning a variety of textile art and collage techniques. In 2015, I found my creative heart's home when I stumbled on sashiko, boro stitching, and the Japanese philosophy of wabi-sabi. Using ordinary supplies that are immediately at hand with no concern for perfection, this slow and mindful approach to creativity and life resonates deeply with me. When I began stitching simple embroidered patterns with nothing more than sustainable flax linens and the occasionalrusty found object, a new kind of freedom flowed from my work. And a new story emerge. A story of the beauty in the ordinary, a story of graceful potential, and a story of our own winding journeys. 

Ribbons made by mend are created out of a love of juxtaposed textures and layers of luxury. Each ribbon consists of meticulously chosen, lavish materials:

Scanfil certified organic cotton thread
organic cotton, hemp and linen fabric
vintage repurposed cotton fabric
antique mother-of-pearl buttons
reclaimed silk sari ribbons
vintage textile thread
vintage ivory lace

mend ribbon is made with great care and attention to detail and yet has an unassuming, imperfect appearance. Each ribbon has at least one hand-stitched mother-of-pearl button on the front and comes with a word of inspiration sewn on the back. Ribbons vary in measurement for countless gift sizes. The beauty of mend ribbons are that they can be used again and again for a variety of gift-giving and decorative purposes. All ribbons arrive on an Industrial Era wooden spool.